Basic Handgun
Associated Protective Service's Basic Handgun Training Class is designed for individuals with little or no formal firearms training. Basic Handgun Training provides participants with the fundamental information, education, and training to safely handle a handgun. Classroom and range instruction covers the essentials of marksmanship, handgun safety, handling, care and cleaning.

APS's class includes hands-on shooting range instruction on weapon safety, control and fundamental skills development. Each student begins shooting exercises with un-timed drills to develop and enhance safety skills and proper technique. Students then progress to timed firing exercises based on mastering essential skills. Finally, precise shot placement exercises are offered at the individual's own pace with consent of instructor.

Basic Handgun Training in-class instruction includes:
  • Defining the legal issues of using a firearm as a self-defense weapon.
  • Examining the concept of justification and application of deadly force in self-protection situations; introduction to the "Force Continuum" concept.
  • Developing of proper mindset to avoid and/or control potentially violent situations.
  • Reviewing issues of United States Federal Constitutional and state laws involving the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership and use.
  • Covering the appropriate and relevant laws related to self-defense and the use of and carrying a concealed firearm.
  • Demonstration of safe and proper firearms techniques by certified instructors/trainers
  • Testing students' understanding and relevance of all materials for successful course completion

Course Requirements: All students must supply their own handgun, holster (Strong-side" draw ONLY, no shoulder or "cross draw" rigs), hearing & eye protection, plus 200 rounds of ammunition.

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