Steven C. Brophy
Steven C. Brophy
President and Founder - Associated Protective Services

Steven C. Brophy has amassed an impressive array of credentials, achievements and professional commendations since he began his career in private security, law enforcement and protective services in 1988.

Experience and Expertise:

Mr. Brophy's services have been utilized by visiting foreign dignitaries, major corporations, Celebrities and also in conjunction with U.S. Presidential and Secret Service security details. He has many years' experience providing extensive overseas security work for multinational corporations, high profile celebrities and government officials. Mr. Brophy also has served as an expert witness in major court cases involved physical and deadly force and maintains a national and international professional advisory consultant status.

Prior to founding Associated Protective Services (APS) in 1995, Mr. Brophy served as a law enforcement officer and was assigned in special services as a member of the elite Special Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T). As a result of this service he received extraordinary training, professional discipline and experience that he brings to all his endeavors today.

Professional Education and Training:

He holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and has completed extensive post-graduate coursework in sociology and criminal psychology. A devoted life-long learner, Mr. Brophy is committed to expanding his knowledge in all aspects of proactive private and public protection and security measures.

In addition he has more than 3,500 hours of documented and certified training in all aspects of state, federal and civil law, law enforcement and police duties and private protection and security. He is a certified Advanced firearms and self-defense instructor - achieving top scores in both academic and technical aspects - and has taught at many major government and private security facilities.

He also has more than 20 year's training and expertise in a variety of martial arts. He is head instructor in Kempo Karate, as well as amassing many years' teaching experience in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Jujitsu and is proficient in several forms of self-defense techniques and street survival tactics.


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