"Don't Be a Victim" Seminars

FACT: A violent crime happens every 19 seconds in the United States. (FBI Uniform Crime Report).

FACT: 3 out of every 4 women will become victims of a violent crime sometime in their lives. (National Rifle Association statistics)

APS's unique "Don't Be a Victim" seminar, created by founder Steve Brophy, was developed in response to nationwide requests for a timely, concise and user-friendly workshop that focused on crime prevention and personal safety education and training. Associated Protective Services has presented the seminar to groups in 38 states and the District of Columbia - in addition to distributing more than 150,000 "42 Tips" personal safety brochures to people across the continent.

Through APS's "Don't Be a Victim" seminar, participants gain an increased sense of confidence, self-reliance and awareness of individual responsibility and the power to effectively deal with unprovoked or potentially life-threatening situations.

"Don't Be a Victim" seminars provide participants with common sense information to increase their awareness and avoid becoming a crime statistic. APS's certified instructors help participants better understand the psychology of the criminal mind - enabling participants to use their knowledge as a tool before a crime is committed.

Training includes learning how to identify and maximize your own home, business, automobile, telephone and personal security. Seminar participants also learn about carjacking prevention techniques and potential personal assault or kidnapping scenarios and avoidance measures.

Participants learn how and when to use such devices as pepper spray, mace, stun guns firearms, and other personal protection devices. In addition, APS offers several types of self-defense training within the "Don't Be a Victim" seminar, as well as complementary martial arts self-defense workshops.

"Don't Be a Victim" seminars are available for small or large groups and businesses and their employees. Specialized seminars also are offered for women only, or participants who may be at risk due to age, cultural/social status, or career-related activities.

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