Executive, Celebrity, Personal Self-Defense Training
For those men and women who find themselves at increased risk for physical violence or threats because of wealth, fame, privilege or position, APS provides a complete array of individualized self-defense and self-awareness programs. These programs are designed to help maximize a person's safety and security when professional protection is not available.


Associated Protective Services' training programs also give clients extra insight into the duties and responsibilities of agents employed to provide additional protective services for you, your family, or business or personal assets. APS prides its members on their ability to provide exceptional protective services while establishing sound, long-lasting working relationships between clients and agents.

APS offers training and education in:
  • Basic, Advanced and Expert Self Defense
  • Basic, Advanced and Expert Firearms
  • Physical Security and Preparedness
  • Personal Security while Traveling
  • Basic and Advanced Proactive and Defensive Vehicle Operations

All classes are provided at the client's convenience and tailored to meet the individual's specific needs.

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