Expert Handgun
THIS CLASS WILL AMAZE YOU! Associated Protective Services' specialized three-day Expert Handgun Training course is designed for individuals who are serious about continuing handgun training, and have maintained their handgun skills. Each student must have successfully completed a basic Handgun Skills Course, and be able to demonstrate an advanced level of handgun knowledge and proficiency.

After a quick review of the fundamentals of marksmanship, handgun safety and handling, Expert Handgun Training concentrates on teaching advanced marksmanship skills; tactical and speed reloading; immediate action drills; shooting from cover; presentations from the concealed carry; kneeling shooting positions; engaging multiple targets and target identification/discrimination.

Additional techniques include practicing night shooting with and without a flashlight (coupled with tactical movement); malfunction clearance drills for those using semi-automatic firearms; shooting one-handed with dominant and non-dominant hands and shooting two-handed with the non-dominant hand. Expert Handgun Training scenarios emphasize advanced skills and methodology, as well participating in competitive marksmanship exercises with your classmates.

Course Requirements: All students must supply their own handgun, Strong Side Holster, magazine holder, at least three (3) magazines/speed loaders, 1000 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection, and a jacket for carrying concealed weapons.

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