Firearms Classes

APS's Handgun Training Philosophy, Standards and Procedures:

Every APS handgun student can expect to train in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Only the appropriate amount of ammunition is required to properly learn and perform an individual technique. As class participants succeed at performing a technique without significant problems, additional techniques will be presented. During the class additional opportunities will be offered on an individual basis to help perfect a specific drill or technique. All students received personalized instruction to discover possible causes and remedies for any shooting problems.

All APS handgun training classes are dynamic, hands-on training sessions. As a defensive shooting school, marksmen can expect to move tactically; utilize cover and concealment, and apply the principles of defensive marksmanship in standard and non- standard shooting positions, including shooting on the move.

Because the majority of handgun programs focus on teaching marksmanship skills at the conversational distance of approximately 15 yards (45 feet), drills are conducted beginning at arm's length to 15 yards. In Advanced Handgun program, drills will be conducted from arm's length to approximately 25 yards (75 feet).

Associated Protective Services instructors never force students to adhere to one specific form of marksmanship and skill building. All handgun training programs capitalize on enhancing the student's own sound skills and knowledge. If needed, APS instructors can offer students alternative techniques that may work more effectively for the marksman. Each student receives sound fundamentals of "gun fighting" - marksmanship, gun handling and tactical thinking. APS's goal is to help students develop an understanding of plausible shooting problems and how to make corrective measures that will last far beyond the classroom or the range.

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