Anti Terrorism

Homeland Security/Counter-Terrorist Program

  • Law Enforcement/Government Groups
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Private Companies/Corporations

Providing advanced specialized training for Federal, State, and Local Government agencies as well as private groups and companies.

  • Advanced Weapons and Combat Training
  • Chemical / Biological Hazards Training
  • Special Operations Tactical Training
  • Critical Site Security and Protection
  • Community Relations and Involvement Programs

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation defines terrorism as:

    "Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in furtherance or political or social objectives."

At Associated Protective Services we believe that proper training and education are the corner stones in the battle against the threats against our country and its people. If not provided with the most up to date and advanced training, how can those who have sworn to protect us, do so?

Associated Protective Services is offering a wide range of programs in relation to security and anti-terrorism training. In addition we provide an assessment in your specific area weather it is government, corporate, private sector, personal home, or public/private schools.

Associated Protective Service can provide the client with an unbiased third party assessment of their security strengths and weaknesses thus, helping to effectively guide the client to the most effective and productive training and evaluation for their circumstances. The world has changed drastically in resent times. Proper training for your people could save their lives and the lives of others. Ultimately we at APS believe that proper training will greatly aid in the prevention of an attack.

Law Enforcement agencies in particular are in need of more up to date training and education. Many of the country's agencies are faced with lack of access to top instructors and new strategies and concepts in training. This is forcing them to use out dated and antiquated systems and techniques, systems and techniques that have been around for decades. Decades of time that has allowed the individuals who threaten our county and its citizens to train to defeat these systems and attack at their week points.

At Associated Protective Services we are helping secure the future. It is the goal of this company and its partners to provide the highest quality training and education programs to the professionals who have chosen to serve our United States. Associated Protective Services has amassed the most qualified panel of experts in the industry to instruct at our resident academy or at your location.

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