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Now offering training programs for Certified Protection Specialist Associated Protective Services (APS) is Proud to announce that our programs will now be hosted In the Philippines and Palau in order to offer better training and services.


  1. No Criminal History
  2. Excellent English skills; speak and write
  3. Willing to move or relocate for employment
  4. Must pass APS certified program

"The security/investigation industry is one of the largest and fastest growing markets today"


  • Security industry has grown over 150% since 1992
  • Growth projected to continue through the year 2015
  • Stable consistent employment field with strong earnings
  • Security Services will always be needed and the industry will never phase out
  • Security in one form or an other has been around since the beginning of mankind

Government Agencies, Dignitaries, VIP's, Corporations, Small Business, Celebrities, Entertainers and Private Citizens

Are all seeking to employ, and realize the need to employ, highly trained and educated professionals to protect their interests and personal safety. When looking to fill positions or select consultants to provide expert advice, they seek solid training, experience and professionalism. The APS Training programs offer the best in experience, training, education and professionalism for beginning or advanced students.

We employ instructors who have extensive years of experience and training in their selected fields to bring the student the most up to date and advanced programs possible.

Our Goal

We at APS endeavor to serve our clients and students with the utmost honesty and pride. We want only to provide the most relevant, practical service and training available and to ensure the future success of all who utilize our programs while upholding honor and professionalism in the security and investigation industries.

Protection Specialist
Level I and II certifications

  • Site Security
  • Asset Protection
  • Patrol Tactics
  • Search and Seizure
  • Security Systems
  • Report Preparation
  • Access Screening
  • Professional Development

Explosives, Chemical/Biological Weapons

This course emphasizes detection, not disposal, of explosive threats. Methods of search techniques are covered as well as preventive procedures to implement as policy in public buildings, including how to respond to threatening calls.

Observational Psychology

Students will be educated on the identification of facial expressions and body gestures. A Protection Specialist must recognize the cues of facial expressions and body language as the precursors of assault or aggression. The primary emotions have behavioral cues to violence and assault that can often indicate impending violence.

Counter Surveillance

Coming out of this course the student will understand the difference between High Profile Protection and Covert Protective Operations, various protective formations, static and mobile surveillance. Working as individuals and as teams, agents will learn the benefit of proactive vs. reactive approach to protection work.

Defensive Firearms

Students will be educated in practical firearms training applications with a focus on the use of these weapons in a protection situation. Training from concealed carry and standard carry, the student will engage multiple targets, work cover/evacuate vs. stand and fight, team operations and procedures.

Advanced Defensive Tactics

This is not a martial arts system, but rather, a collective of several styles combined to be street effective and easily learned. Students will be trained to use techniques that graduate in intensity are practical for use in Protection and are capable of stopping a threat immediately.

Legal Conduct

A view into the legal rights of defense and protection as it relates to protection agents, clients and their assets. Not completely understanding your parameters and how you operate during an assignment can be costly in terms of monetary losses and criminal negligence. Learn where you stand and how to interpret legal meaning and intent.

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