Practical Handgun

Practical Handgun Training provides the progressing student with an intermediate step between Basic and Advanced classes. Practical Handgun Training also gives advanced and expert-level students a continuous training program to challenge their skills.

The primary focus of the class is to present the student with scenarios that simulate real situations. Through ‘real-life scenarios’ – students will learn how to problem solve, assess and evaluate the situation and react in an appropriate manner.

Because students focus on improving their actual performance and shooting time, Practical Handgun Training classes are shorter than other APS courses. No two classes are the same - scenarios are constantly changed and modified to give students new challenges each time he or she attends. Therefore, students may continue to attend one or more classes to build upon their basic skill knowledge and improve their skill levels – regardless of the student’s previous training.

Basic, Advanced and Expert level shooters all participate in the same scenarios and training; however, the fundamental difference focuses on the individual student’s acquired experience and skill progression in the mastery of speed, precision and shooting from greater distances.

Topics include:

  • Pistol Presentations and Shooting Positions
  • Tactical Reloading procedures
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Movement using Cover and Concealment
  • Weapon Malfunctions and related resolutions
  • Night/Low Light Shooting

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Prerequisite - Associated Protective Services’ Basic Handgun Training Course or equivalent training (subject to instructor approval). All students must supply their own handgun, holster ('Strong-side' draw ONLY, no shoulder or 'cross draw' rigs), hearing & eye protection, 200 to 300 rounds of ammunition and at least two (2) magazines or speed loaders and holder. NOTE: Holsters must be of tactical nature to allow the student to draw and re-holster with one hand.

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