Rifle Shotgun

(Private, Group and Agency Classes Available Upon Request)

Tactical and Sporting Rifle Training:

This class is designed for shooters from beginner through expert. Participants will develop sound and proper shooting skills as used in actual field applications.

Participants will be actively involved in all aspects of the class – with little time spent target shooting. After getting your rifle is properly sited, participants will progress rapidly to real and applicable shooting scenarios.


APS’s Tactical and Sporting Rifle Training class is perfect for young marksman who are just getting started - or for the pro who is looking to expand his or her maximum effective shooting range and technique.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: All participants must provide and use a rifle of their choice, hearing aids/apparatus, eye protection, and 50 to 60 rounds of ammo. It’s recommended that participants select a small caliber center-fire rifle for this class. (3 hour class)

Tactical Shotgun Training:

In this course, participants will learn the real effectiveness of this legendary weapon. Basics skills training begins with shotgun weapon functions and applications – then leads into the tactical use and deployment of your weapon.

This course focuses on ‘Close Quarters Battle’ and multiple target engagement. Participants also will learn the significance relating to the clearing of structures and defending from protected positions with special emphasis on the use of cover and concealment. Each student will operate against distance and time restraints to help develop their individual skills while learning proper loading and clearing of malfunction procedures.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: All participants must provide and use a shotgun of their choice, hearing aid/apparatus, eye protection and 50 rounds of target ammunition. Participants must also purchase 15 rounds of slug and 20 rounds of #4, 0 or 00 buckshot for your shotgun. (3 hour class)

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