Self Defense ("Street Survival")
Associated Protective Services' "Street Survival!" workshop is a hands-on self defense training course designed for the layperson. Participants learn basic self-defense skills and the legal levels of force that can be used to prevent physical abuse or assault.

"Street Survival!" focuses on learning how to identify and assess potentially dangerous situations. By becoming aware of activities around you, many crimes may be prevented through early detection and avoidance. Similar self-defense methods used in this course also are used to teach many law enforcement personnel across the United States. Non-violent conflict resolution is also addressed during the workshop, as well as all legal and ethical issues relating to using force during potentially combative circumstances.

APS's basic course offers an overview of general self-defense techniques and weapons, including hands-on demonstrations and participation. "Street Survival!" is designed for all ages and genders - so that virtually anyone can learn skills that are not physically demanding and require only a small amount of physical agility.

The theory and mechanics of "Street Survival!" self-defense techniques are designed so participant use only the minimal amount of physical force necessary to discourage or disable the attacker. The "Street Survival!" defense system is a derivative of several martial arts styles and sound tactical fighting techniques - blended with common-sense training and education - giving "the underdog" a distinct advantage in a compromised situation.

All "Street Survival!" techniques are simple in design and nature to allow participants to learn skills quickly and retain specific knowledge over time. Participants may then continue to practice the techniques at home or at training facilities - by themselves or with a partner.

Above all, "Street Survival!" stresses increasing mental awareness and the importance of being prepared to defend oneself. Mental alertness is ultimately more advantageous than physical strength in most combative situations. Knowing when and how to act in self-defense - while utilizing the appropriate skills and force - is one of the most powerful tools anyone can possess.

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