Stalker Protection
Hesitatingly, Madonna testified in court against her stalker, Robert Hoskins, she succeeded in having him sent to prison for 10 years.

Stalking is defined as a set of many behaviors (e.g., telephone harassment, sending unwanted gifts, pursuing or surveillance) displayed by individuals with different backgrounds, motivations and psychological disorders.

Stalking was first recognized as an criminal offense punishable by law by the state of California in 1990. However, stalking has existed in society since the beginning of time - regardless of society's cultural advancements, personal freedoms and civil rights. Today, more and more people throughout the world are victimized every day - depriving individuals of their sense of freedom and control.

Stalking is psychological terrorism in its purest form. However, stalking has become more evident as depicted by unwanted physical force and abuse more and more each day. Here's an alarming statistic: 90 percent of all women murdered by their boyfriends or husbands were first stalked prior to their deaths.

A Terrifying Example:

"I'm not crazy, but...if I can't have you, no one can...We'll be together in heaven soon..." Robert Bardo

Actress Rebecca Schaeffer had a starring role in the TV situation comedy, My Sister Sam. It seemed to most that she had a bright future ahead of her. But all that promise came to a devastating finish when a deranged fan, Robert Bardo, began writing letters and stalking the young woman. Bardo, who had also targeted other fresh-faced young entertainers, tracked Schaeffer to her apartment, rang her door and shot her to death.

Robert Bardo, 19, was the epitome of an obsessed fan. A paranoid, shizophrenic loner, Bardo was intelligent but a social dropout who lived in the shrine of his bedroom where Ms. Schaeffer reigned as his one and only goddess.

In addition to the apparent physical threats of stalking, today's technological advances have created a new era of cyber-stalking - via Internet, email or electronic communications. Regardless of the means or methods, stalking is a criminal activity.

APS agents are trained to utilize low profile protective measures to ensure the client's maximum personal security at home, at work or at leisure. APS professionals serve as liaisons between the client and legal and law enforcement personnel as needed. Above all, APS Agents are committed to educate clients to help them expand their individual awareness, knowledge and control of any and all potential stalking situations.

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