Vehicle Operations

Personal Safety and Security Training:

APS provides instruction in proper vehicle operations and defensive driving skills on a professional level to ensure the safety, security and comfort of our clients. Statistics indicate that individuals are more likely to be harmed in a serious automobile accident than attacked and injured in a random act of violence.

Therefore, APS’s goal is to provide our clients with a highly trained staff to prevent potential life-threatening situations arising from vehicular incidents. APS can provide expert training to the client’s personal employees or staff, as well as to the individual client.

Corporate Liability and Safety Training:

Both small and large businesses are legally responsible to provide vehicular safety training for their employees as a part of on-the-job training. APS’s professionally trained agents are available to educate your employees in all forms of certified vehicle operations to help reduce the risk of potential liability claims or court settlements.

In situations where employees are required to drive for and serve as a representative of the company, the company ultimately assumes responsibility for the employee’s actions. By providing certified training for employees through APS’s Vehicle Operations Training, your company not only provides a safer work environment for everyone, but also reduces its overall liability risk.

Vehicle Operation Services:

  • Basic Vehicle Operation
    • Dangerous Road Conditions
    • Loss of Control
    • Accident Avoidance
    • Defensive Driving (Drive Safe When Others are NOT…)
  • Pre-emptive and Proactive Road Rage Countermeasures
    • Protective and Evasive Operations
    • Dangerous Road Conditions
    • Pre-emptive and Proactive Road Rage Countermeasures
    • Defensive Operations Against Threats or Attack

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