Violence in the Work Place Training
Each year, billions of dollars are spent educating and training employees to protect themselves from the risks of fire or other natural disasters. However, too little time or attention is devoted to equip employees with the knowledge and appropriate skills to avoid or escape personal physical or emotional peril.

APS works closely with small or large employers and their employees to provide expert training and education on the increasing problem of violence in the workplace. In addition to your business's daily operations and existing security measures, APS's skilled group of trainers can help further reduce physical threats to your personnel and potential legal liability to your company.

Education and awareness is the first step in the process to overcome disruptive, destructive and potentially life-threatening acts of violence. Each APS workplace violence program is designed to meet the individual needs of both employer and employee. Corporations such as Intel, Monsanto, and Microsoft have found this training not only improves employee morale and job satisfaction, but also saves businesses untold revenue by reducing insurance premiums and possible litigation.

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